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Download Gazebo models from official database

# Download all model archive files
wget -l 2 -nc -r "" --accept gz
# This is the folder into which wget downloads the model archives
cd ""
# Extract all model archives
for i in *
tar -zvxf "$i/model.tar.gz"
# Copy extracted files to the local model folder
cp -vfR * "$HOME/.gazebo/models/"

Bug Fix: Error in REST request

This is a known bug in Ubuntu 18 and above.
  • launch Gazebo simulator for the first time, so that the ~/.ignition folder will be created.
  • open file ~/.ignition/fuel/config.yaml and replace the url inside from to

Bug Fix: vmw_ioctl_command error Invalid argument

This can happen (and only happens) in virtual machine environments.
  • disable OpenGL 3.0 and use OpenGL 2.1 by enabling the environment variable SVGA_VGPU10
  • run echo "export SVGA_VGPU10=0" >> ~/.bashrc command once and restart terminals
Remember to unset this environment variable if you need OpenGL for graphics (e.g., point cloud visualization in Open3D).