Drone Hardware


  • Landing Gear

    • Plastic Insert Inner Dimension: 10.3 mm

    • mount to top: M3 x 14 mm + M3 hex nut

  • Camera Mount

    • mount to board: M3 x 10 mm + M3 locknut

    • RS D435 to mount: M3 x 6 mm

    • Zed Mini to mount: M2 x 6 mm

  • Onboard Computer

    • standoff: Aluminum M2.5 x (25 + 10) mm

    • top screw: M2.5 x 6 mm

  • Propeller Lock

    • 10 mm width + 11.3 mm ID + 5 mm height

  • Propeller Guard

    • motor hole-to-hole diagonal length: inner 16 mm, outer 19 mm

    • central circle: 8 mm diameter

Bind RC Transmitter and Receiver

The following steps apply to FrSky Taranis X9 Lite RC and FrSky X8R 16CH Receiver. Please do read the user manual first to get familiar with buttons/operations.

  • Use a 5-pin to 3 bin cable to connect the SBUS ports on the receiver to the SBUS port on Pixhawk. While pressing the F/S button on the receiver, power it on. It will go into binding mode.

  • Power on the transmitter. Press Menu button, and then press Page button to navigate to SETUP in page 2/12.

  • Set Mode to ACCST 16.

  • Go to RxNum, select [Bnd] out of 01 [Bnd] [Rng] and press the scroll button to start binding. Wait for a couple seconds, and the indicator of the receiver will be flashing in green.

  • Restart/power the receiver. If the indicator is in constant green, it is paired successfully.

  • Lastly, it is recommended to set up failsafe, following the instructions on user manual.

Battery Consumption

  • An experiment is conducted to test how much time the 850mAh 4S battery can support Jetson Xavier NX onboard computer. The experiment started at 3:42pm and the voltage was logged together with timestamp as follows. The computer is running in max performance mode with full payload (using Zed camera). It was prompted constantly that "System throttled due to Over-current."

// time  voltage
   3:42  16.6v
   3:45  16.4v 
   3:50  16.0v 
   3:53  15.7v 
   3:56  15.6v
   4:04  15.2v 
   4:08  15.1v
   4:12  15.0v
   4:15  14.9v
   4:20  14.8v

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