Propeller Lock

This section introduces a potential risk in the use of self-tighten propeller during the flight, and the proposed method (propeller lock) to fix the issue.


The quick-release propeller will be secured right at its position once installed (need to press down to release), while the self-righten propeller may get unscrewed during the flight.

This is a fundamental flaw in the design of self-tighten propeller. It works fine when

  • the motor increases the speed (where the motor-propeller connection will be fasten),

  • the motor decreases the speed slowly/naturally due to wind resistance (where motor and propeller will decrease at the same rate),

but the propeller may be unscrewed if

  • the motor decreases (controlled by the sine ESC) faster than the propeller AND there is not enough friction between motor and propeller.

This issue had happened to DJI earlier products (e.g., Inspire 1) where similar motor and propeller were used. They also introduced a propeller lock to help reduce the risk.

Propeller Lock

According to the specific shape in this motor and propeller, we proposed a design shown as follows.

How to use it

How it works

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