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Tutorials (v3.1.0)


The Core Functionality (core module)

Image Processing (imgproc module)

Camera calibration and 3D reconstruction (calib3d module)

    • Determine the distortion matrix
    • Determine the camera matrix
    • Take input from Camera, Video and Image file list
    • Read configuration from XML/YAML file
    • Save the results into XML/YAML file
    • Calculate re-projection error
    • Read 3D textured object model and object mesh.
    • Take input from Camera or Video.
    • Extract ORB features and descriptors from the scene.
    • Match scene descriptors with model descriptors using Flann matcher.
    • Pose estimation using PnP + Ransac.
    • Linear Kalman Filter for bad poses rejection.

2D Features framework (feature2d module)

Tutorials for contrib modules